Kur Mobile Massage and Spa
Kur Mobile massage and Spa
Kur Mobile Massage and Spa

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KUR Mobile Massage and Spa turns your house, office or hotel into a serene haven and it relaxes you with all the desired luxuries of a Day Spa at the convenience of your location. At KUR Mobile Massage and Spa, massages and spa treatments are affordable luxuries for any special occasion such as wellness spa parties, corporate event, bachelorette party, bridal party, employee appreciation and self-pampering. Enjoy the spa experience with services for Individuals, Groups and Couples.

No matter what your event is, you cannot go wrong with the enjoyment of any of our extensive selection of day spa services such as a wide variety of massages, facials, pedicures and manicures before your big event to get things started the right way. With KUR Mobile Massage and Spa parties you can indulge yourself and your friends with exquisite pampering at your very own tailored Spa.

After your experience with us, your body will feel rejuvenated and it will thank you for those 60 minutes of relaxed, uninterrupted massage. Treat your friends to the best houseguest service they’ve ever received. With KUR Mobile Massage and Spa, we bring the day spa to you.

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Kur Mobile Massage and Spa